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Lincoln’s Fellowship Honours a World Leader

Founder and Chairman of ANZCO Foods, Sir Graeme Harrison, has continued his support for Lincoln University through the establishment of a Research Fellowship to work alongside the recently appointed Sir Graeme Harrison Professorial Chair in Global Value Chains and Trade.

The Research Fellowship does more than just boost the expertise at the University in global value chains and trade, however. To honour a significant colleague and trade negotiation leader, Sir Graeme has requested that the fellowship be known as the Clayton Yeutter Fellowship.

“Clayton Yeutter is the former US Trade Representative and Secretary of Agriculture – and a good friend of New Zealand,” says Sir Graeme. “With the recent appointment of Mr Crawford Falconer of the OCED to the Professorial Chair in Global Value Chains and Trade, it is highly appropriate that the Research Fellowship carries the name of a respected, talented and successful trade negotiator as Clayton Yeutter”.

Lincoln University Vice-Chancellor Dr Andrew West describes Sir Graeme’s contributions to global trade capacity at Lincoln as “remarkably generous and made in a manner that enables the University to not only grow but to grow rapidly in this area, in a way that immediately creates international networks”.

The University was funded by Sir Graeme to establish the Professorial Chair and secure the appointment of Crawford Falconer from September 2015. The recruitment process for the Clayton Yeutter Research Fellowship will now commence to find the right calibre of research fellow to join the Faculty of Agribusiness and Commerce at Lincoln.

Clayton Yeutter was the US Trade Representative who took the lead role in the US-Japan beef and citrus accords, which Sir Graeme credits as changing his business career. Mr Yeutter was also responsible for launching the Uruguay Round, which has been the only multilateral comprehensive agreement to include agriculture. He now resides in Washington DC but retains close ties with his alma mater, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Clayton Yeutter responded positively to the request to be associated with research at Lincoln University in this way: “I am deeply honoured that Sir Graeme and Lincoln University would wish to put my name to a postgraduate research fellowship. Except for the US, New Zealand is my favourite country in the world, and agriculture (with emphasis on trade) is my favourite field of endeavour. This is a perfect fit”

The Clayton Yeutter Research Fellowship will be advertised in May.

For further information please contact:
Tafflyn Bradford-James, Director, Communications and Marketing
LincolnConnect, Lincoln University
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