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14 May 2015
For immediate release
Fieldays® launches innovative new app
With innovation being a key focus of Fieldays, this year the event has a brand new downloadable app with advanced capabilities. Fieldays is pleased that when visitors enter the gates in June, they will do so with the latest technology at their fingertips.
Downloadable for free on Android, and iOS, the Fieldays App is available in five different languages (English, Chinese, French, German, and Spanish).
The app uses iBeacon technology, making Fieldays one of, if not the first to apply this innovative event technology. Fieldays Marketing Manager Rebecca Wylie is thrilled with the app and the advance Fieldays has made to enhance its visitor experience.
“Visitors that have downloaded the Fieldays App will have their fingers on the pulse this year,” she says.
“As well as being able to create their own schedule to visit their favourite suppliers or view their favourite events, they’ll be able to receive push notifications via the iBeacons on site, pin to the map where their car is parked, find their friends and check the weather.
“There is also a news section so users can choose to receive the latest Fieldays news direct to their phone, and a social media function. With this, Fieldays visitors, exhibitors and media have access to the official Fieldays Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds, tap into the ‘FieldaysNZ’ hashtag and capture and share their own moments with the Fieldays camera.
“It really is a fantastic piece of technology and we’re proud to be able to roll out something so user-friendly and innovative out to our customers.”
Fieldays App features:
 Point of Interest: Users are able to find the closest food vendors, first aid, and other essentials. Users can also view important event information such as gate opening times, and ticket prices on the app.
 Proximity-based messaging: Relevant to the location of users, the Fieldays App delivers content, offers and information that visitors want, when and where it counts.
 Fieldays weather
 Fieldays Map: The Fieldays map allows users to see their actual location in relation to all points of interest represented by pins. Users will be able to keep track of where their car is by dropping a pin on their map in the app.
 Friend-finder: The friend-finder allows users to share their location with their Facebook friends who also have the app installed on their phone.
 Fieldays schedule: The schedule lets users see what’s happening at Fieldays, from seminars to demonstrations to Rural Bachelor heats. The users will also be able to create their own itinerary from their schedule of the day at Fieldays.
 Fieldays Exhibitors: The Fieldays Exhibitors tab will let the users view all 900+ exhibitors at Fieldays, and get a rundown of what services each particular exhibitor offers, and where to find them.
Download the Fieldays App
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