Future Proofing within the Primary Sector

Owl Farm Committed to Future Proofing within the Primary Sector

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The world’s best farmers are right here in New Zealand. Through Owl Farm; a dynamic joint venture demonstration dairy farm between founding partners St Peter’s School and Lincoln University, the nation’s farmers will have access in perpetuity to world class resources, information and on-farm practices.

One key element in securing Owl Farm as a demonstration dairy farm of national and international repute is the provision of world class knowledge through quarterly Farm Focus Days. These days are an opportunity for farm owners, farm workers and rural professionals to meet, network and share ideas whilst gaining a proper sense of how Owl Farm is developing a workable blueprint of sustainable, profitable dairying.

The coming Farm Focus Day on Wednesday 17 June will see Owl Farm manager Doug Dibley hosting representatives from two of the farm’s seven sponsorship partners, providing knowledge on operating in this fiscally challenging time for dairy farmers, along with a toolbox session on the coming calving season.

DairyNZ will lead a presentation on Tactics for tight times; workable approaches for low payout seasons, while Westpac Bank will present a no-nonsense forecast, explaining why the outlook is actually bright.

In addition there will be presentations covering the importance of data capture, monitoring and reporting. Doug will also highlight Owl Farm’s responsible cost reduction strategies, the goal to build a resilient system.

Doug is also excited to elucidate on the branding of the demonstration farm; Owl farm. “The owl is the key element of the St Peter’s crest and shows that the farm is located here at the School. The owl also illustrates knowledge, learning, wisdom and education and that is what the demonstration farm – St Peter’s and Lincoln University – are all about.”


Media are invited to attend the Focus Day.


Wednesday 17 June 2015
10.15am to 1.00pm – Followed by a light BBQ lunch.
1716 Cambridge Road, State Highway 1, Cambridge (3km north of Cambridge on SH1)

For further information, please contact:

Jan Franicevic, Communications Advisor
St Peter’s School :: 07 827 9734 :: janf@stpeters.school.nz

Liz Wright, Communications Manager

Lincoln University :: 03 423 0028 :: liz.wright@lincoln.ac.nz

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