Have your say on the future of TB control

Have your say on the future of TB control in New Zealand

Anyone with an interest in the future management of bovine tuberculosis (TB) in New Zealand is invited to make a submission on a proposal for the future bovine TB National Pest Management Plan. Consultation on the proposal have opened.

Since the start of 2000, New Zealand has spent more than $1.2 billion fighting bovine TB and controlling the pests (especially possums) that spread the disease.

An independent Plan Governance Group comprising representatives of funding parties, OSPRI, and wider stakeholder interest, has developed the proposal.

Independent Chair of the Plan Governance Group (PGG) Chris Kelly said, “Progress in the last few years has shown that it is possible to eradicate TB from New Zealand – forever – and be rid of the negative impacts of the disease and the costs of control on both industry and the economy. My colleagues on the Plan Governance Group and I are of the same view – that eradication is the end game, and that we want it to happen as fast as it can within funding constraints.”

Given the progress made to date by OSPRI’s TBfree programme, along with significant improvements in data, science and knowledge and the operation of NAIT, a new phase for the Plan can now commence. New methodologies are proposed for both disease testing and vector control to improve the targeting and extent of such work – generating better outcomes from the Plan.

During June and July, information sessions will be held in around 30 locations throughout New Zealand where the details of the proposal can be discussed, and people’s questions and comments on the proposal will be welcomed. Submissions must be submitted by 31 July.

For more information about the TB plan consultation and how to make a submission, check out www.tbplanreview.co.nz. This is where you can find information about consultation workshops and other supporting information.

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