Changing Chinese demand for New Zealand dairy puts industry at risk, Woodford says

ESTHER TAUNTON, June 19 2017 Mark Hotton New Zealand’s dairy industry is at risk as Chinese demand for whole milk powder stalls, Keith Woodford says. New Zealand’s dairy industry is in a high risk position as Chinese demand for whole milk powder stalls and there is no quick fix, Keith Woodford says. China is the largest importer […]

  Little change seen in agri-food crystal ball Keith Woodford casts an eye over the year ahead for agri-food and sees no sudden improvements. Sadly, the number of small family farms with less than 300 cows will further decline, and we will see the first signs of this in 2016. The year ahead is going […]

Bryan Gould: TPP signing a denial of democracy 1:50 PM Thursday Jan 14, 2016 It is one of the peculiarities of a Westminster-style constitution that the power to conclude international treaties rests exclusively with the executive – in our case, with the Cabinet. The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is no exception. While a National Impact […]

GE engineered animals exposed

  GE ANIMALS in New Zealand GENETICALLY ENGINEERED ANIMALS: THE FIRST FIFTEEN YEARS GE Free NZ in Food and Environment has compiled this report from information gathered through AgResearch annual reports and Official Information Act requests (OIA).   Written by Claire Bleakley GE Free New Zealand In Food and Environment Inc. PO Box 13402, Wellington, […]

Trading people for profit

October 16, 2015 Inside the TPP: Trading People for Profit by Mark Moreno Pascual A new addition to the growing number of “free trade” agreements (FTAs) took center stage last Monday as the United States and 11 Pacific Rim countries announced the conclusion of a mammoth “trade” deal that covers more than 60% of the […]