Looking out for nature

    Taking the Long View                ~~~      Gord Stewart   Looking out for nature   Who speaks for nature? Who looks out for the wild things?   My neighbor makes no bones about it. “Conservation is everyone’s responsibility,” he says. “We can all do things.” He practices what he preaches with a beautiful […]

Bee killing pesticide banned

Federal Court to EPA: No, You Can’t Approve This Pesticide That Kills Bees —By Tom Philpott | Fri Sep. 11, 2015 6:00 AM EDT   417 Dancestrokes/Shutterstock On Thursday, a federal appeals court struck down the Environmental Protection Agency’s approval of a pesticide called sulfoxaflor. Marketed by agrichemical giant Dow AgroSciences, sulfoxaflor belongs to a […]

OZ ruling on GM welcomed by Feds

Federated Farmers welcome court ruling on genetic modified crop A  Western Australian Court of Appeal ruling on genetically modified (GM) crop liability has been welcomed by Federated Farmers as a landmark decision which clearly sets out fundamental responsibilities of good neighbours that apply equally well in New Zealand and around the farming world. In 2014, […]

GE ban welcomed

Hastings District Council’s decision to ban GE in their district is welcome news, says the Soil & Health Association. The just-released Hastings District Plan prohibits the release and field trialling of genetically engineered organisms, creating the first official GE-free food-producing region in New Zealand, and joining a number of regions around the world.^1 “With a […]