OZ ruling on GM welcomed by Feds

Federated Farmers welcome court ruling on genetic modified crop A  Western Australian Court of Appeal ruling on genetically modified (GM) crop liability has been welcomed by Federated Farmers as a landmark decision which clearly sets out fundamental responsibilities of good neighbours that apply equally well in New Zealand and around the farming world. In 2014, […]

Water team ‘Reclaiming choice’

Federated Farmers water team ‘Reclaiming choice’ Federated Farmers has launched its very own ‘Water Team’ in response to the growing challenges farmers face in securing a profitable and sustainable future. The Federation hopes to empower the provinces to negotiate their need for the natural resource which is threatened by the lack of choices and missed […]

Climate change conversation welcomed

Climate Change Conversation welcomed The Government’s public consultation on climate change, ahead of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Paris, in December. “We live in a global world, where as much as we are a part of its problems we are a part of its solutions,” says Anders Crofoot, Federated Farmers Climate […]

Dairy Audit results unacceptable

Media Release 1 April 2015 Federated Farmers is disappointed in the findings released today by the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment in their compliance operation. Andrew Hoggard, Federated Farmers Dairy Chair, says “It is not a great look for our industry to have this number of dairy farmers not meeting the minimum employment requirements. […]

Sustainable Farming Fund backs web-based education on plant nutrients

Media Release 1 April 2015 Federated Farmers says a web-based education resource, to educate students on the value of plant nutrients will help the next generation of New Zealanders understand how agriculture systems work. The Sustainable Farming Fund has just announced $93,000 funding to develop the resource for students in years 5 – 8. Federated […]

Commissioner for the Environment backs Federated Farmers’ proposals

Media Release 10 April  2015 Federated Farmers’ suggestion of land swaps of some private land, for the land held by the Department of Conservation, have been picked up by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment. In her most recent update report on what is known as ‘stewardship land’ held by DOC, the Commissioner, Dr Jan […]