Growing knowledge through collaboration

LU-Mg Growing You.jpg: Workshop participants. Dr Charles Merfield jpg: Dr Charles Merfield addresses the workshop. Photo credits: David Hollander. A collaborative workshop to help food producers gain specialist knowledge and skills was held at Lincoln University yesterday. Entitled “Growing You”, it is part of a series covering topics such as sustainable weed management and sustainable […]

Taking the long view

Taking the Long View ~~~ Gord Stewart Climate Change Consultation – Have your say What do Victoria University of Wellington, Syracuse University and the University of London have in common? Dunedin did it. Why not others? Also Dunedin City Council, Minneapolis, Paris and Lismore City Council in New South Wales? And the Church of England […]

Corporate subversion

Sustainable Ways to Feed the World Are Subverted by Corporations By Ruben Rosenberg ColorniNEWS JUNKIE POST Humans’ relationship to food is one of the most fundamentally shaping aspects of our societies. The sole fact that the majority of the world’s population now lives in urban centers is the direct result of a process that began […]

Urban food forests

Urban Food Forests Make Fruit Free For The Picking May 21, 201511:57 AM ET Alastair Bland Phil Forsyth, executive director of the Philadelphia Orchard Project, leads a fruit tree planting at Bartram’s Garden in West Philadelphia. Courtesy of Philadelphia Orchard Project To discover the new frontier of urban farming, you’ll have to look up — […]